It's coming...

After months and months of anticipation, part two of my Egypt Epic is now finally almost here. In fact, I'm now willing to guarantee that it will be up within... Well, it'll be up. So, yeah, keep checking back. This one's longer, and it makes even less narrative sense than the last. So be excited.

Just to let you all know that I haven't forgotten. ("You all" being Dad, and Mom, and the three other people who have ever visited this blog.)


Meanwhile, here are some links to amuse and delight:

-Read about the Swiss scientists who are trying to suck the Earth into a black hole (or something.) And the brave Hawaiians who are the only ones who stand between us and utter destruction.

-Test your awareness by watching this video:
-Experience the wonders of The Onion:

-And after all that, feed starving children in Africa.