The only photo of the llama that has been confirmed to be genuine

So those who have ventured into that fearful realm known as "The Face Book" may have noticed a strange posting that went something like this:

"Ran into a llama on campus today."

After much demand (2 requests), I've decided I would share some information about this, uh, llamic encounter (of the second kind.)


The llama (or "Lama glama," as snooty people say) is a South American camelid, widely used as a pack and meat animal by Andean cultures since pre-hispanic times.

The height of a full-grown, full-size l...

But that's probably not what you came here to hear about.

Instead of telling you what happened, I decided I've give you three, equally plausible, equally exciting options to choose from. All of these MAY be the circumstances that led to The Encounter on Campus.

A. The llama in question is the pet and best friend of an eccentric millionaire widower that lives a mile or so from campus. He (the owner) had decided to take his bosom buddy on a walk to the At War! exhibit at the art museum and that was where The Encounter occurred.

The llama, by most accounts, adored the art exhibit.

B. The runners of BYU's annual "Choose to Give" charity drive decided to use a llama to draw attention to their cause (and nothing gets attention better than a llama.) BYUSA president, Jasper Willikins* says "Our charity is great. Llamas are great. So why not combine the two into a wondrous joy-o-rific supercombo of llama-charity amazingness?!"

C. A truck carrying multiple exotic animals headed for the Hogle Zoo overturned on I-15 near Provo, and Mr. Llamakins decided he wanted to use this brief, miraculous respite to visit the At War! exhibit at the BYU art museum. He made it to the exhibit (and loved it, by most accounts) - but was captured shortly thereafter (though not before the Encounter.)

Incidentally, the other creature to escape the wreckage was a muskox, who has yet to be found. Zookeeper Wilson Odenka!mp wants everyone to know that the muskox is not dangerous, and asks his fellow citizens to immediately call the DCHSFSWSQ (the zoo's animal control agency) should the shaggy beast be sighted. The muskox'sss1s name is "Hrothgar," but it also responds to "Jill." It also very much enjoys Wensleydale cheese.

Odenka!mp says of the llama's return, as well as the continued absence of the muskox: "We are so glad that the Lama glama has been returned to us, and we hope that we will soon be reunited with our dear Jill."

*Some/all names may have been changed to protect the... Something.

**Some/all quotes may have been utterly fabricated.

Not a llama

Neither a llama or a muskox, but it's so adorable I had to share it anyway.